FoodCo is a Colombian company whose goal is to make of sugar a unique experience full of flavor. NatSucar products are created, produced, and marketed with high value added for our customers.

Our company aggregates value to sugar crystals by putting them together in several shapes, preserving their caramel or gold color, natural cane juice molasses, sugarcane nutrients, and unique sugarcane molasses flavor.

FoodCo is constantly in search of innovative ideas in order to improve excellent quality and develop unique products. We are building and initiating business relationships with the purpose of promoting company growth.

Currently FoodCo produces value added products for diverse companies around the world. As a respected firm, we engage in high ethical and professional practices, along with offering excellent customer service. Our commitment is to achieve full development of our employees, sustainability, and all the aspects related with the aim of our organization, stakeholders, and environments benefit.

Committed in seeking to penetrate new markets, producing and exporting to businesses, institutions, companies, and consumers, we are specialized in the production of value added products out of natural and/or organic sugar , counting with a team that has more than 15 years of experience dedicated to national and international sugar trading, gathering the necessary experience to offer a reliable and natural product with optimal transformation processes.

Our company has the following certifications.